Electronic Systems Lab

Electronic Systems covers a wide range of defense-focused digital communications topics, including (1) military communications, (2) electronic and cyber warfare, (3) radar, and (4) signals intelligence. Technical disciplines in this area principally focus on electromagnetics, antennas, RF engineering, digital signal processing, and digital communications.

Core Capabilities

The Hume Center's core area of expertise is application of software-defined and cognitive radio technologies. Software-defined radios (SDRs) allow for digital signal processing tasks to be reconfigured in real time based on changing requirements. Cognitive radio (CR) uses machine learning and optimization algorithms to oversee SDR reconfiguration. This is paired with individuals with a strong understanding of mission application domains to apply these tools.

Core research in these areas include:

  • runtime reconfigurability for FPGAs and DSPs;
  • dense multicore processing architectures;
  • scheduling and data marshalling on heterogeneous computing architectures;
  • polyphase channelization and signal processing;
  • signal detection and classification algorithms;
  • software-defined radio architectures for tailored missions;
  • command and control of complex signal processing tasks;
  • system learning and optimization based on environmental factors;
  • sophisticated jamming attacks against modern waveforms;
  • intersection of cybersecurity and electronic warfare;
  • transmission security (TRANSEC) waveform design;
  • electromagnetic battlespace awareness and spectrum management;
  • use of machine learning to build target behavior models;
  • understanding the bounds of learning with information theory;
  • control-theoretic strategies for electromagnetic attack and defense;
  • real-time optimization of attack and defense waveform tactics; and
  • applications to air dominance and anti-access area-denial (A2AD) doctrine.



Michaels, Alan
Director and Research Professor
Heaslip, Kevin
Associate Director

Department Personnel

Clark, Deanna
Project Manager
Clark, William (Bill)
Research Associate
Depoy, Daniel
Research Associate
Headley, William (Chris)
Research Assistant Professor
Krauss, Thomas
Research Associate
McCollum, James (Joey)
Research Associate
Poetter, Alexandra
Senior Program Manager
Ridge, Devin
Research Associate
Trease, Harold
Adjunct Research Scientist
Wong, Lauren
Research Associate

Total: 12 personnel