Research Commercialization

Research can take many paths to the market. Much academic research transitions through publication in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Within the Hume Center, our applied research results in both academic publications and technologies that can be directly commercialized. In these instances the Hume Center works with companies and venture capital organizations to identify opportunities to productize technology.

Through a strategic partnership with Boston-based venture capital group Allied Minds, the Hume Center has successfully transitioned research into three startup companies, each leveraging federally-funded university-developed intellectual property. These companies now employ over 75 people across the United States.

Optio Labs, Inc

OptioLabs develops mobile security architecture to keep data safe. Products range from malware protection and mobile security apps to cutting edge technologies that protect against eavesdroppers and social engineering.

Founded 2012, Funds Raised $14M

Federated Wireless, Inc

Developing critical enabling technologies for the next-generation of wireless communications by improving supply, demand, and delivery of spectrum for future cellular communications.

Founded 2012, Funds Raised $34M

HawkEye 360, Inc

HawkEye 360 uses a constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit to generate reports on wireless signals that can be used to track and monitor global transportation networks and assist with emergencies.

Founded 2015, Funds Raised $17M